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If you own residential, commercial, or industrial property do you have proof of when the fixed wiring was last checked and evaluated? We provide EICR Certificates across Manchester & Cheshire to ensure you comply with the latest government legislation 

EICR Certificates Manchester

The key questions we get asked about EICR Certificates.

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What is an EICR?

EICR or Electrical Installation Condition Report is the testing and evaluation of your properties fixed wiring.

When an EICR test is carried out you will be issued a certificate which either shows your premises wiring is within acceptable parameters or provide a list of remediation actions and when they are must be completed by.

The wiring of a premises over time can become worn simply through day to day wear and tear damaged through use beyond its capacity due to expansion of a premises.

Whatever the reasons, wiring needs to be regularly checked, not only to keep the occupants of your premises safe from electrocution but also to minimise the risk of fire.

Is an EICR legally required?

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 demand a property owner, whether industrial, commercial, or residential, takes all necessary steps to ensure the property is fit and safe for employees or tenants to use.

Furthermore, a property owner must prove these checks were carried out and what the results were.

This is where an EICR Certificate comes in. It is not a legal requirement you get an EICR Certificate but they do prove the required checks were carried out to an accepted standard.

So, while EICR is not specified specifically in these requirements, what it does do is provide is recognised proof you have taken reasonable steps to ensure safety of those using the property.

In the case of leasing a property, providing an EICR Certificate to a tenant at the start of a lease is a requirement. If not provided it can lead to issues if you ever need to enforce an agreement or attempt eviction.

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Is an EICR the same as a PAT testing certificate?

EICR and PAT testing both relate to electrical safety but are not the same.

EICR is the condition of the fixed wiring such as, but not limited to, plug sockets, light fittings, and wiring inside of walls. PAT, or Portable Appliance Testing, is the electrical safety checks for appliances such as computers, fridges, and printers.

We also offer PAT Testing Services if you require these.

How often do I need to get a new anew EICR certificate?

All EICR Certificates include an expiry date which may vary depending on if you were issued remediation actions.

In most cases it is recommended checks are carried out every 5 years with some situations leading to a maximum of 10 years.

The frequency of checks should not be confined to time, however. If you have any significant works carried out on a premise, such as extensions, extensive internal floor space changes, significant repairs etc. then a new EICR should be carried out.

If you are unsure when your property was last checked, or what changes may have occurred in that time, you should seek to have an EICR carried out as quickly as possible.

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What our customers think...

Here’s what some of the people we’ve worked with have to say about what we do.



Dean did a great job doing a full rewire. I needed the job doing quickly as I was due to move into the house soon so he moved some jobs about for me and completed the work quickly and too a very high standard. Will be using him again for any future work.



Dean undertook a rewire of a domestic property for me. He was professional, the job was done nice and neatly, it was up to correct standards and regulations. The advice he gave was good as well. I am very happy with the price and the work which was to an excellent standard. I would use him again and would recommend him.


Ian S

Very professional job by Dean at a good price; sorted another job on the day and advised and fixed an unsafe piece of work which he found (loose wiring in a socket). Would recommend his services and would use again.